Pride and Prejudice QuickNotes App and iBook

Pride and Prejudice QuickNotes App

If you're a stressed student looking to do better in British lit or you're an Austen devotee, the most famous romance of pastoral England has never been more accessible. Read the book on your own time and on the go, with accompanying analysis and study guides. Our Pride and Prejudice QuickNotes app will keep you ahead of the curve.

Pride and Prejudice QuickNotes iBook

It's one of British literature's most popular novels—but you've never read "Pride and Prejudice" like this before. Whether you're on your way to class and need to catch up on chapter four, have a paper due in seven hours, or are simply looking for an immersive reading experience that combines the full text of the book with summaries, analyses and study guides, check out our QuickNotes iBook.

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